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Warranty and service

Montage and service department carries out mounting and installation of our equipment. Moreover, the department makes warranty and service repairs in Saint-Petersburg and its suburbs.

Teplomash services:

Mounting and installation of air curtains.
Expert advice on equipment selection
Product delivery to the location of the mounting and installation.
Equipment maintenance.

Project sales department:
тел. : (812) 327-08-00, 380-13-24

Warranty and service repairs at Teplomash.
Technical advice on repairing equipment and error fixing.

Warranty and service repairs department:
(812) 301-99-40, ext. 247

Petrova Svetlana
Warranty and service manager
(812) 337-10-56
E-mail: spetrova@teplomash.ru , otk@teplomash.ru


Monday - Thursday from 9-00 till 17-00
Friday from 9-00 till 16-00


+7 (499) 504-04-24

+7 (383) 363-00-23

+7 (343) 385-68-98

For design engineers

Lists of questions,
expert advice, air curtain selection,
technical documentation.